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kevin sekhani - promoAs a 20 year veteran of the Austin music scene, Kevin Sekhani has done it all. From blazing rock-n-roll to Holy Ghost Honkytonk, for years Sekhani has entertained crowds with heartfelt enthusiasm and poignant lyrics. In Austin, Sekhani spent his time working with Michael Ramos (John Mellencamp, Patty Griffin), Andrew Duplantis (Son Volt), and Austin Chronicle’s three-time String Player of the Year winner Warren Hood. In 2010, Sekhani moved back to his home town of Lafayette, Louisiana to front The Mercy Brothers, a Gospel group walking the fine line of sinners and saints. Since the prodigal son’s return home, he has won over the hearts of Jazz Fest and Festival International audiences, landed a top 5 spot on the Americana charts in Europe, toured Sweden, and signed his Gospel group to Louisiana Red Hot Records.

Kevin Sekhani’s veracious songwriting extends beyond Gospel into secular territory with his new solo album “Day Ain’t Done” set for release on Louisiana Red Hot Records early 2015.

glen david andrews - offbeat

Glen’s CD topped a great list of albums released in 2014.

OffBeat writers and editors have assembled they consider the best 50 albums released in 2014 by Louisiana artists. The Top 25 is listed in order by ranking (followed by descriptions pulled from the pages of our album reviews during the past year) with the remaining 25 listed in alphabetical order.

This list stands as amazing simply in revealing the rich, diverse reach of New Orleans music. Get the full list here.

glen david andrews - redemption“ONE OF THE GIANT TALENTS OF NEW ORLEANS” – Quint Davis, Producer, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

Comparisons between Glen David Andrews and his more famous cousin Trombone Shorty are inevitable. Yes, they are first cousins, they both play trombone, and they were both reared in the musically fertile mean streets of New Orleans’ Treme neighborhood (subject of the HBO series, in
which Glen David frequently appears as himself). But where Shorty might be arguably the better trombonist, Glen David wows as the superior vocalist/entertainer. And while Shorty leans toward contemporary jazz these days, Glen David’s Redemption stays closer to his roots – cooking R&B, Gospel, Blues and Jazz, into a rich, dark Creole gumbo of soulful, rocking Funk, delivered with the seaering energy of a New Orleans heat wave.

Glen David Andrews is the voice and spirit of New Orleans – the very embodiment of the Crescent City’s recent struggles and glorious return from near ruin – with Redemption as his own personal odyssey to salvation. It is the apex of years of entrancing performances at the New Orleans Jazz Fest, Lincoln Center, Preservation Hall, Tipitina’s, and – most powerfully of all – the streets of New Orleans where it all began.



The_New_York_Times_logoglen david andrews - promo02“Glen David Andrews paints his testimony in a range of emotional colors — from the broken humility of a supplicant to the hard-bitten pride of a survivor — on his tough-sounding new release, “Redemption.” As that title suggests, it’s an album about his dedication to the righteous path after a long season in darkness. “You don’t know/What I know,” Mr. Andrews bellows on “You Don’t Know,” one of his flintier originals, “And you ain’t been where I’m going.” His big voice, all growl and gravel, sounds at once rousing and worn, essentially battle-scarred.”

Read the full review by Nate Chinen

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