lrhr-fbHeadquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana Red Hot Records has released over 200 albums of the hottest Blues, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Funk, Zydeco, Cajun and Rock, and is a leader among Southern independent labels in marketing and worldwide distribution.

Having reemerged from the near-total destruction of its facilities by Hurricane Katrina, it is the only label in the Deep South partnered with Entertainment One, the world’s #1 independent distributor for music and video.

Louisiana Red Hot serves in these essential ways:

  • By partnering with local musicians and record producers to gain national exposure for their productions, Red Hot offers them a chance to reach a much wider audience than could otherwise be anticipated.
  • By assuming the costs of manufacturing and promoting their recordings, Red Hot makes it possible for local producers to concentrate on making the music and following up with live performances in areas where their products are being marketed.
  • By entering into agreements with Red Hot which are generally limited to specific productions, the artists and producers are free to seek further recording opportunities with labels outside the local region.

Now in its nineteenth year of operations, the company now boasts a richly varied catalog of more than 200 albums by a brilliant array of Pelican State blues, jazz, rock, R&B, Cajun and zydeco artists.

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