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The Last Hombres and American icons, the Band, share more than just great songwriting, expert musicianship, rocking country melodies and a rhythm section reminiscent of Stax. Indeed it was band luminaries Buddy Cage, Rick Danko and Levon Helm that helped nudge The Last Hombres into existence, with Levon joining principal songwriters Paul Schmitz (guitar, vocals), Michael Meehan (bass, vocals), and Russ Seeger (guitars, vocals) for a two year stint and the acclaimed 2003 album Redemption.

Eventually, Levon decided to stay closer to home, leaving the remaining tres Hombres to spin apart. A decade of side gigs, studio work and solo projects followed, until drummer Tom Ryan convinced the Hombres to reform, along with multi instrumentalist Chris James. The result – Odd Fellows Rest – a superb album of literate roots rock, surrealistic alternative country, and dusk colored gypsy outlaw ballads.


“It’s unusual to kick off and close your first album in 11 years with the New Orleans funeral sound of the Hot 8 Brass Band, but little about The Last Hombres follows any sort of blueprint…” – Hal Horowitz, American Songwriter

“Spacey keyboards native to that of The Doors are greeted by Tom Petty-esque vocals which are laced with twangy, steel guitars. These are the sounds heard on The Last Hombres’s album Odd Fellows Rest. This album seems like that of an elaborate experiment; mixing and blending their favorite technicalities from different genres of music. The result? A master craft style of music.” – Jackie Howell, Blues Rock Review

“The Last Hombres make the kind of old school blues rock books are written about. It’s salty, swaggering, sweaty, and soaring at all the right moments. Their latest opus Odd Fellows Rest carries on that tradition successfully as well, making for one of their best outings yet.” – Rick Florino, Artist Direct


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