Lil’ Malcolm & The House Rockers personify two closely related terms: family and tradition. This five-man band centers on guitarist Percy Walker and his two sons, drummer Percy Walker, Jr. and accordionist Lil’ Malcolm Walker. Inspired by Zydeco legends like Buckwheat Zydeco and Rockin’ Dopsie, the band’s steady focus on tradition sets them apart from the newest wave of “pop Zydeco” bands.

Percy Walker, Sr. began his musical career at an early age, learning to play the drums from his older brother Joe Walker. He soon moved to guitar, then bass, then accordion. Percy began playing in bands at the age of ten, even playing with the legendary Rockin’ Dopsie during his musical career. Eventually he formed a band of his own, Percy Walker & The House Rockers.

Percy taught his children to play, much like his older brother taught him. The children shared Percy’s devotion and love of the music, and Percy was pleased to have young Zydeco devotees following in his footsteps. Even in their youth, Percy’s sons were anxious to start a band with their talented father. Soon the boys starting playing house parties and garnering great crowd reactions. When the diminutive Malcolm started a group, he chose the name of his father’s band. Lil’ Malcolm & The House Rockers was a name that instantly reflected the group’s emphasis on family ties, and on great music.

The new release by Lil’ Malcolm & The House Rockers, Zydeco Three Way, honors two late Zydeco greats: Rockin’ Sidney and Clifton Chenier. These innovators of Zydeco inspired the House Rockers in their early days of playing music. Percy emphasized throughout his sons’ musical training that they keep Zydeco tradition in their sound, creating music that is pure, solid Zydeco.

Lil’ Malcolm & The House Rockers also place a strong emphasis on creating live shows that are exciting and fun. “We let the crowd enjoy (the music) with us,” remarks Percy Walker, Sr., adding that he likes to pull audience members onto the stage to dance and play with the band. The House Rockers note that keeping tradition in Zydeco is the best way to make the music enjoyable. By honoring the musical styles that were successfully established by legendary Zydeco figures, the House Rockers are a band that is sure to please.

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