SUNPIE: Sunpie

SUNPIE“Sunpie Barnes is to zydeco what Taj Mahal is to blues—an eclectic type who follows his music to African and Caribbean roots.” – Brett Milano, Offbeat Magazine
Sunpie in the colorful top hat on the cover of this CD is none other than Bruce Sunpie Barnes. The zydeco star is based in Louisiana, where by day he is a park ranger and naturalist with the National Park Service at Jean Lafitte National Park and at night he transforms into one of the most popular musicians in the region. Adept at numerous instruments — including the accordion, harmonica, and piano and vocals — Barnes shows his versatility on this CD, released in 2001. In it, sounds from different places and genres merge into something that Barnes has dubbed “Bouje, Bouje.” A listener can hear zydeco, of course, but there is also a definite Afro-Caribbean influence, along with the funky backbeat that characterizes the music of the city of New Orleans. The CD features tunes written by the multi-talentedBarnes. It opens on a pleasant note with the “Lah Lah Song,” with an infectious rhythm that permeates the entire album. Barnes sings in both English and French. “Mo Bien Comme Me Ye” is followed by a whimsical piece called “Tomato.” He sings — or is that howls — on his popular song about the legend of the werewolf in the Louisiana swamp country, entitled “Loup Garou, Loup Garou.” All the while there is the accordion or harmonica to keep the toes tapping. “Mother Earth” speaks to Barnes’ deep love for nature, as evidenced by his choice of day jobs. The music closes out with “Blues With a Groove,” which proves the point: This music is meant for dancing.”



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